WMC Podcast, Episode 0203

Sarah Kroger Discusses “Bloom”

A worship release caught out attention recently. Sarah Kroger’s debut album with Integrity, Bloom, showed up in our inbox last month with a long list of production and co-writer credits that we couldn’t ignore including our friends Ross King, PJ Anderson, Audrey Assad, and Josh Blakesley. That was intriguing enough for us to give the album a spin. It certainly didn’t disappoint.

We invited Sarah to join us to chat about Bloom, her faith journey, and her go-to self-case regimen. She was an absolute delight, and we have no doubt that you’ll love the interview.

Also, since we mentioned Ross King, he just released an excellent single, “Things That I’m Afraid Of”. It elegantly and – well – overtly addresses emotional health in the context of the Kingdom and the Gospel. Considering that May is mental health awareness month, we decided to share a quick snippet of it with you.

We encourage you to support both artists and their recent releases.

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