The Book of Numbers: Day 22

A Worshipful Journey Through the Book of Numbers

Four hundred years of compromise, sin, suffering and darkness at the hands of evil authorities. Israel’s only way to be healed is to come out of slavery and into the freedom of the Lord’s authority. Picture yourself when reading of Israel. As you follow our study through the often overlooked book of Numbers, you will see how God rehabilitates and frees broken people.

Day 22: Submission

Male and female roles are heavily debated in our culture. Unfortunately our culture has mistreated women and caused them to want to rule over men, and men have given up their roles of responsibility and become passive in their protection and provision for their families. However, the Bible is VERY clear that both men and women are “to be in authority” and to “submit to one another.”

Israel was a patriarchal and a male led society, and that meant that inheritances were passed to sons and Fathers of sons, not to daughters. So the daughters of Zelophehad in Numbers 27 raise their voices in protest of their situation. Pay attention to how they bring their case to justice, using bold authority, and yet in submission to their authorities.  

Firstly, the daughters were urgent, bold, and even a bit forceful with their submission, but their disposition was of great gentility and honor. They submitted to their leaders in self-control. They could have resorted to bitter gossip, slander and ridicule of their circumstance, but in this situation they went right to Moses and Eleazar with their request. Their response is humble and at the same time brave because they took the proper action, and utilized the proper channels.

Secondly, the women were not concerned so much with their inheritance as they were with the inheritance of their father and family. They focused on rightful justice and an upholding of human dignity and memory, not on themselves and their wants. Many attempts to solicit authority are often done in a manner that seeks to promote selfish ambition and gain. However, the women’s disposition toward Moses and Eleazar is clearly one of respect.

Thirdly, they went to Moses and Eleazar with their requests recognizing the position in which God had placed them. They did not seek to bypass their leaders and sneakily work around people to get what they wanted, but the Lord noticed their method in approach, as much as he noticed the dilemma itself. Once again, in Moses speaking to the Lord, Moses prayerfully submitted the request himself in a humble way for an answer.

Consider this idea of “being in authority” while also remaining in “mutual submission.” How did this play out even between Moses and Joshua? How should this play out in governments, churches, friendships, marriages, and in parents toward children?

For Further Study in Scripture go to: 

NUM 27, 1 TITUS 2, EPH 5:15-20

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