The Book of Numbers: Day 15

A Worshipful Journey Through the Book of Numbers

Four hundred years of compromise, sin, suffering and darkness at the hands of evil authorities. Israel’s only way to be healed is to come out of slavery and into the freedom of the Lord’s authority. Picture yourself when reading of Israel. As you follow our study through the often overlooked book of Numbers, you will see how God rehabilitates and frees broken people.

Day 15: The Budded Staff

Though the people still scoffed at Moses’ authority and questioned his motives for taking such a position, God all the while affirmed Moses’ leadership in conversation. He established a friendship and a relationship of trust with Moses. Though the people claimed the rod of authority for themselves and grumbled under the weight of their entitlement, it was Moses and Aaron who still possessed the real sign of power. Authority does not come from titles and or self-proclaimed leadership in loud displays of complaint, upheaval, and grumbling. Authority does not come through exerting oneself as leader. True authority only comes from the Word of God as spoken to and through His servants—in this case his servant being Moses.

God confirmed his decision of leadership in this passage through the budded staff; which became another artful representation of a very real spiritual reality. Moses nor Aaron could have fabricated this act, but God’s verification of his word is affirmed.

Moses allowed the Lord to be his defense, and in return Moses experienced God’s validation and affirmation. The result of Moses’ act of righteous trust was that the staff produced a plentiful crop of almonds. This rod not only budded, but it blossomed and matured. It produces not just any fruit, but it produced a crop of almonds. Almonds, in the mind of an Israelite, symbolized old age (Ecc. 12:5). Though they were associated with age, they were also known to bloom early in the season. It was a sign to the people that God’s decree of leadership came from ages past, but was also alive in the present moment. His plans spring up from old, and they do so immediately.

We must consider Moses’ trust of God’s leadership, and also God’s defense of his own right to authority amongst his people. We must consider our attitude toward leadership and must consider our own pursuits in having respect and authority. Are we seeking authority rightly, through the sole means from which it comes—through God’s word and in prayer alone?

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