The Book of Numbers: Day Ten

A Worshipful Journey Through the Book of Numbers

Four hundred years of compromise, sin, suffering and darkness at the hands of evil authorities. Israel’s only way to be healed is to come out of slavery and into the freedom of the Lord’s authority. Picture yourself when reading of Israel. As you follow our study through the often overlooked book of Numbers, you will see how God rehabilitates and frees broken people.

Day 10: Leadership Accused

In the next Act of God’s drama of deliverance and sanctification, the travel toward the Promise Land commences. Even after all the Lord had done in chapter 10, we quickly see how Israel’s humanity kicks in as they began to respond to all God’s goodness in lavish displays of complaint and hostility. It seems that the sound of the trumpet blast had just ended its celebrative and assembling call, and already the people had forgotten its music.

As you read this passage consider the human’s propensity to complain against the goodness of God. Why do we often remember our times of slavery with cloudy lenses and long to return to our old ways like Israel?

Consider God’s response to the people’s complaints. Consider his role for eldership in appointing leaders to bear the burdens of a complaining people and pray for your leaders. Consider Miriam and Aaron’s complaints and their consequence. What is its significance?

Consider also God’s loving and judgmental response in giving the people what they wanted (quail). In getting what they asked for they realize it is not really what they want. God is compassionate in letting us complain, and he’s also “Just” in giving us exactly what we ask for to reveal to us how selfish our complaints can be.

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