The Parables of Christ: Day Six

The Parables of Christ

A Musical Study through Christ’s Famous Stories. Click here to listen now.

In Mark 4:10-12, Jesus says that the purpose of the Parables is to teach truth to those that seek, and to hide it from those who will not. Jesus often hid principles one at a time in his stories, and other times he would string a variety of them together to make one BIG point. Join us in our 7-Day journey through the Parables and discover the profound wisdom to be found in these simple stories. Accompanying this study are songs inspired by the Parables of Christ.

Day Six: The Owner of the House

Everything in the Old Testament lines into Jewish heritage. All the legacies of Jesus’ bloodline are housed in their stories, in their families and amongst their history. Think of the richness of such a treasure, and yet the Jews completely missed the Old Testament’s meaning because they looked through the wrong set of glasses. Jesus was and is the interpreting glass through which all of Old Testament history can be correctly understood. This is what led Jesus with his disciples, after his resurrection, in Luke 24:27, “to begin with Moses and all the Prophets,” and “to interpret to them in all the Scriptures the things ‘concerning himself.’”

The disciples and everyone had missed Jesus. They were trying to put new coats together with old cloth, fill up old wineskins with new wine, and this is what led Jesus to say even before his death, that the kingdom of heaven is like a master bringing out treasures both old and new. Jesus did not do away with the old, but he fulfilled it and put new lenses on how we are to see everything. The kingdom of God is therefore to see everything in the spoken Word and the created world through the life of Christ. This is the only way to understand the oldness and the freshness of meaning.

When all of life is perceived through these lenses, then neither Jew nor Gentile can boast or make any claim to anything. It is Christ who interprets all and calls all, and in submitting to the owner of “Cosmos’ House” we simply fall into line with his rule and reign and rest in the fact that we can work and do our duty only because he lives.

For Further Study in Scripture go to:
MAT 13:3-43  MRK 2:21-22  LUK 17:7-10

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