The Parables of Christ: Day Five

The Parables of Christ

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In Mark 4:10-12, Jesus says that the purpose of the Parables is to teach truth to those that seek, and to hide it from those who will not. Jesus often hid principles one at a time in his stories, and other times he would string a variety of them together to make one BIG point. Join us in our 7-Day journey through the Parables and discover the profound wisdom to be found in these simple stories. Accompanying this study are songs inspired by the Parables of Christ.

Day Five: The Fishing Net

Work and the kingdom of God are intricately linked. Jesus was a carpenter, and likened his ministry to the trade of a Shepherd. He chose disciples who were fisherman, he called himself the Cornerstone and Master Builder, and likened the work of building his church to a soldier at war, and to a farmer slaving in the dirt.

It is therefore no surprise in Matthew 13 that he likens the kingdom of God to a net cast down under the water by trade fisherman.

When brought up, the nets thrown by the fisherman would reveal an enormous catch mixed with the sea’s best and worst.  Like nets buried under the sea and brought up to the light of day, Jesus was to be lowered into the ground, and his life would bring to light the truth and evils in all of humanity.

Jesus’ death and resurrection brings everything good in the world to life again, and it puts to death every evil. It is no wonder he chose common workers to spread his Word in word and in craft. He wanted the streets and the marketplace to see the difference a redeemed heart makes. No longer trusting in the moment, wise servants awake and await better rewards. The redemption of Christ changes our work and it helps us evaluate our approach to every deed that we do.

At the end of the age, our Savior, and everything we are and everything we do, will be weighed by one scale. The blood of our Savior will assess our work. Is it in him and his work where we place our trust? Does how we live, move, and have our being in all of society reveal such a trust?

For Further Study in Scripture go to:
MAT 13:47-50 LUK 6:47-49  LUK 12:42-48 MRK 13:32-37 MAT 20:1-16

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