Sound of Judah: Day Two

Sound of Judah

What is Praise? Why should we do it? Where and when should we do it? How should we do it? Join us in this 5-day series into the topic of Praise, and consider more deeply God’s purpose for praise and for you, as we join together “to declare the praises of him who brought us out of darkness and into his marvelous light!”


Day 2: Why Should We Praise?

The answer to this question is very simple. We should praise God because he is worthy and because he has commanded us to praise him. People like Brad Pitt may have a problem with this because he sees God as a tantrum throwing two-year-old in the sky who is demanding our praise, but praise is not for God, in such a way that he “needs” it, we need to do it. Praise helps us to prize what is most perfect and therefore perfectly satisfy our deepest human affections.

It is also a way to train ourselves to be obedient. When we exalt God as worthy—over and above our emotions, circumstances, or in spite of our current struggles—we actively turn our souls away from things most unsatisfying and toward the One that is most fulfilling. When we do this, we are obeying God’s authority and acknowledging him as Lord and we are receiving our best. In God demanding that we praise him, he’s commanding what is most loving.

The Word also tells us that we were created to praise. This means that we will praise “something” whether we are Christians or not. We praise what we prize, and if its not God, then it is something “lesser”!!  

Praise is our purpose. Many people flail around in life today wondering what God’s purpose is for them, when God has already been painfully clear. We are to declare his praises through everything that we do. This is purpose enough to praise.

The Word also tells us that to fail to praise, is to succeed at engaging the enemies’ intentions for our identity. Satan and the world long to lead us toward despair. They long to silence our praise. If they can keep us quiet, they win. Every act of praise however, is an act of warfare against the enemy. The Psalms tell us that our praise silences the foe and avenger. He cannot steal the joy of someone who is praising, and he cannot accuse someone who already accuses themselves before God. When we accept our limitations before God and praise, we steal the power of hell right out from underneath the evil one.

My answer to “why we should praise” is “why wouldn’t we?” The only answer to why we do not praise is that we fail to understand our identity, our purpose, our power over evil, and the reason for our very existence both now and in the age to come.

For Further Study in Scripture go to:

PSA 22:3, PSA 150:1, PSA 100:4, REV 4:11, 1PT 2:9, PSA 8:2, JOS 6, ISA 30:32

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Author: Dave Yauk

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