Parables of Christ: Day Seven

The Parables of Christ

A Musical Study through Christ’s Famous Stories. Click here to listen now.

In Mark 4:10-12, Jesus says that the purpose of the Parables is to teach truth to those that seek, and to hide it from those who will not. Jesus often hid principles one at a time in his stories, and other times he would string a variety of them together to make one BIG point. Join us in our 7-Day journey through the Parables and discover the profound wisdom to be found in these simple stories. Accompanying this study are songs inspired by the Parables of Christ.

Day Seven: Lights in the City

Jesus likens his people individually to lamps, and his people collectively as a city on a hill. Jesus lives through his people in order to bring light into darkness. This is the big idea. Many of the parables reveal to us the evils that the darkness has caused. From rebellion, to violence, to injustice, to foolish short-sightedness, darkness has done a number on God’s creation. Yet, as you read, you will find Jesus makes no apologies, nor does he try to explain away or make “happy” the darkness with some kind of spin, but rather he reveals clearly that his light can dispel darkness in things more powerful such as obedience, love, justice, and wise perspective.

Consider these parables as you consider the church’s role in being light to a broken and dying world.

For Further Study in Scripture go to:
MRK 4:21-22  LUK 10:30-37 LUK 11:5-8 LUK 18:2-8 MAT 25:1-13

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