The Parables of Christ: Day Two

The Parables of Christ

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In Mark 4:10-12, Jesus says that the purpose of the Parables is to teach truth to those that seek, and to hide it from those who will not. Jesus often hid principles one at a time in his stories, and other times he would string a variety of them together to make one BIG point. Join us in our 7-Day journey through the Parables and discover the profound wisdom to be found in these simple stories. Accompanying this study are songs inspired by the Parables of Christ.


Day Two: The Seed and the Sower

Jesus was a premier storyteller. He formed illustrations that were teeming with life and that featured major principles of his preaching and teaching. He would often times tell these simple metaphors one-by-one. Other times he would link them together in a larger string of stories back-to-back in order to make one big point. Matthew 13 contains Jesus’ longest string of parables. In every one of the parables in Matthew 13, a common theme arises. In all the metaphors used, something is buried and then brought up to reveal an unprecedented treasure. Jesus was trying to communicate that his kingdom would be like a man buried and brought to life. In Matthew 13 he began his parable string with the seed and the sower.

Jesus often used agricultural imagery, for those in his day related to it. Not only did he compare believers to three types of seed—seed tossed on bad ground only to be blown or withered away; seed tossed into good soil and yet with no roots so that its fate was to wither all the same, and finally seed tossed into good fertile soil and growing into a rich multiplying plant—but he also compared believers in other places to either an unfruitful or fruit producing tree.

Men and women alike are to consider the plight of the seed, and consider which type of believer they desire to become. They are to consider the unfruitful fig that is cut down if it didn’t produce fruit in keeping with good health, and they are to view all of history as a seed that if planted right, can grow into a tree in the fullness of time that produces a bountiful crop.

Jesus’ end goal was to get us today to think through our lives, our aims, and our approach toward our time, talent, and treasures, and toward the future things to come. As you read, consider what type of seed you are, and consider where it is you desire your life to end up. Will you and your work be cut down or are you growing into a fruitful vine!

Spend some time with Jesus as you walk through these stories and present your dreams, hopes and aspirations to him, and allow him to reveal your truest heart, and let him lead you into a life that is filled with fertile soil and fruitful promise.

For Further Study in Scripture go to:
MAT 13:3-43 LUK 13:6-9 MRK 13:28-29

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