Do We Believe What We Sing?

In most modern day churches we sing.  Whether your church is modern or traditional, liturgical or free, you probably have singing as some part of your service.  Now the question of “Why do we sing?” is another matter for another time, but do we ever pay attention to what we sing?

Recently I have moved and started at a new church as their Minister of Technical Arts.  This is a huge change for me, first just moving to a new church in a new city in a new state, but also because I have been leading worship for a while and am now transitioning back to being in the booth during service.  One unintentional side effect of this, is that instead of thinking about having to lead worship I really spend time more time listening to worship.

I began to think about some of the lyrics of the songs that many churches around this world are singing.  I began to think…

Do we believe that God is the God of this city and greater things are still to be done?  

Do we want God to lead us where our trust is without borders and go wherever He would call us?  

Do we want to be taken deeper than our feet would ever wander so that our faith would be strengthened?  

Are we really willing to lay down our lives for Heaven’s cause?

If we believed what we sung and believed the words were real, would our churches look different than they do today?  Would we be doing the same things are doing now?  Are we singing these songs because they have catchy melodies and cool hooks or are we singing them because we truly believe the words?  Just food for thought.  If you have any more thoughts on this subject, please comment below.

Author: Robert Gifford

Robert currently serves as the Minister of Technical Arts at First Baptist Church of Lafayette and a Masters student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary studying Worship. With over 10 years in ministry, he brings a unique perspective combining years of experience leading worship, serving in media/tech arts ministries, and advanced study in church music and worship.

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