We’re still around! (And a giveaway…)

We haven’t been super active online in a few months. And I wanted to let you know why.

First, we want to let you know that we’re still around! You can’t get away from us that easily!

Second, there is a reason for the break. I (David) took a position at a church as a Lead Pastor as well as Worship. I started just after the latest post before this one. So, I’ve been working hard trying to figure out how to do all that and worship at the same time.

Third, all my recording stuff is at home (as regular listeners know), which is a good half hour drive away from church. But, I’m going to be working to move it to a secure, undisclosed location much closer to the church.

All that to say, we will be back very soon!

And to get things going again, we will be doing a giveaway starting tomorrow. So, you’ll want to check back for more information on how to get your copy of the David Crowder Essential Collection CD which releases tomorrow.