Your 2012 Summer Bucket List (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, then it’s your 2012 winter bucket list)

Everyone’s making a bucket list for this or that, so I thought I’d make a fun little list for you for the summer! Enjoy!

1. Using a pair of dice, choose an episode of the Worship Ministry Catalyst podcast. Roll the dice twice, and whatever the numbers add up to, listen to that podcast. When you listen pick sentences at 4:37, 6:22, 8:01, 10:10 and 13:13. Then, find a way to work them into a comment on this post in a way that makes sense. (Let us know what episode.)

2. Start a conversation with 30 seconds of laughter.

3. Like the Worship Ministry Catalyst facebook page. 

4. Lead a super-serious worship set, then in a very serious tone, start singing head and shoulders, knees and toes , knees and toes (bonus points if you do it in a minor key).

5. Name your guitar or keyboard, then tell people you’re going on a date with (insert name).

6. Follow Worship Ministry Catalyst on twitter.

7. Put a tip jar on your piano or tape it to your music/mic stand.

8. When someone comes up to complain about the music, pull out your phone, pull up whatever app you use to record and say this conversation maybe recorded for monitoring and training purposes.

9. Make shirts for your sound guys with a giant QR code on the back, over the QR code say something spiritual like “scan the code to study the sermon a little deeper, then when they scan the code it sends people to a random You tube video

10. Greet people at the main entrance of the church, and offer to park cars of people who are walking in. During the service have copies of their keys made, then for the next few weeks have the worship team move their cars to different parts of the parking lot during the sermon.