Weekend Review 05-02-2010 – Sunday Setlists – Worship Confessional

This weekend was missions weekend for us. It was a great celebration of what our church is doing around the world in the area of missions. It was a great chance for our body to see how we are a part of a bigger picture than what we see on a weekly basis.

Here was our Set:

  • Yours (Steven Curtis Chapman)
  • Let All the World Sing Praises (Word Music)
  • Video of one of our students who is now a missionary in India
  • Great in all the Earth (Hohnholtz)
  • All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises
  • Comissioning prayer for student going on a summer mission trip
  • Sermon from one of our over seas missionaries home for a bit
  • You Said

Our choir sang with us for the first two songs. We had a pretty small choir this time, only about 10 total, Luckily I didn’t need to direct, so I could hop in the choir and sing tenor. Since choir is still a new thing for us, I’m still working on training our choir to think of choir as a year round commitment and not as a seasonal group. I know this is backwards from what most of you are doing, from what I can gather, most churches only have a seasonal choir, if they have a choir at all. I know there are still churches out there that are doing choir and doing it well, but as a trend, choirs are trending down.

This year has been good for our choir, in terms of starting to build a core group of committed people, people who are willing to make a sacrifice for a bigger picture than they can see right now.

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