Weekend Review – 03-0607-10

This weekend was the first weekend or preparing for Easter. We taught Jeremy Riddle’s song, “Christ is Risen” today. We also had a great weekend for music. I was able to step aside from most of the leading this weekend and mostly focus on the band and playing. It was actually quite enjoyable!

Here was our set this weekend:

  • Sing, Sing, Sing (Tomlin -did it in the original key, had an alto sing melody on the chorus and I sang melody on the verses.)
  • Let the Praises Ring
  • Hosanna
  • Welcome
  • Cannons
  • Christ is Risen
  • Sermon
  • Here I am to Worship
  • May the World See Your Light In Me (Brian Cheney)

Brian was a roommate of mine in college, and he also played in a group with Kevin for a while. We did this song in choir back in the day, and it just happen to fit perfectly with the sermon this weekend, so we did it.

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