Weekend Review – 02-2021-10 – Sunday Setlists – Worship Confessional

Great weekend! Just loved it! So did our congregation! We had the choir join us this week for a couple of worship tunes and then the choir sang “Total Praise.” It’s an oldie, but not to our church. Since we’ve never had a choir around here, there are a lot of “classics” that our church has never heard, and that’s one of them.

We also had a smaller band this week, on purpose. It’s a group I’m working on taking in a different direction than our other groups. I’m wanting it to be a piano driven group with a jazz &/or Gospel feel to it. It’s a new venture for us, but I’m excited about it. If you have any experience with this and you would like to offer me some pointers, that would be awesome, I could use the help!

Here was our Set:

  • I am Free
  • Give My Praise (Mine)
  • Welcome
  • Your Name
  • Revelation Song
  • Total Praise
  • Sermon
  • Lord, Reign in Me.

It was great to have the choir join us, the band was fun. Just an overall great weekend! For more weekend reviews, check out Sunday Setlists on The Worship Community.