Weekend Review 02-1314-10 – Sunday Setlists – Worship Confessional

Since we’ve been “blowin’ and goin'” for about 6 weeks or longer now, with a full, rockin’ praise band each week, and since it was valetines day, I thought it would be good to change things up and just have a simple weekend. It was just myself on keys, and Trevor singing vocals. We split the singing duties 50/50, which ended up being cool and adding a little spice to the weekend.

Since it was pretty simple, I picked some songs that I thought would work well on just keys. That included a few hymns, it actually ended up being liked by a lot of people & it’s nice to score points with people who like Hymns. (I happen to be one of those people).

Here was our set:

  • Holy, Holy, Holy (SCC arr.)
  • Blessed Assurance (My Arr.)
  • My Savior My God (My Arr.)
  • Amazing Grace (My chains are gone) – added a cello patch from the motif xs8 in on just the bass notes, cut it of on the C below middle C.
  • Communion
  • Love like Rain (Daniel Doss) – Kept the same cello patch for the bass & added in the “almighty” string patch in the upper register. With the piano, it made a really nice, full sound.
  • Sermon
  • I’ll go where you want me to God (My arr.)

For communion, we brought out some of the art work that some of the artists in our church have painted over the year to give people something visual to meditate. We also used photos from our photographic team as the backgrounds for the lyrics this weekend. It ended up being a cool, artsy kind of a weekend.

That’s about it, not a bunch more to talk about. For more weekend reviews, check out Sunday Setlists on the Worship Community.