Weekend Review – 01-3031-10 – Sunday Setlists – Worship Confessional

5th weekends are awesome! Well for the way we do things anyway. We have four teams to rotate one weekend per month for most months of the year. However, now and then a month will roll around with 5 weekends in it. On those weekends I put together teams of people who don’t normally get to play together, and who are also all our best musicians.

Because of this we get to do a little bit tougher music & we get to polish it a little more. This weekend was no exception. Last night had a few rough spots, which can be largely attributed to my having to cancel our midweek rehearsal, but this morning was great!

Here was our set:

  • Sing, Sing, Sing. (Tomlin)
  • Welcome
  • Happy Day (Fee Arr.)
  • Let the Praises Ring (Brewster)
  • Scripture
  • One God (Jeremy Ross)
  • From the Inside Out
  • Message
  • The Church’s One Foundation

“Sing, sing, sing” is the first song from Tomlin’s new album that we’ve done at our church. People liked it. For me, it’s okay, it sounds like all his other stuff, but people like it. This was also the first time we did “Let the Praises Ring” and I think in general people liked that one too. The best response was on “Happy Day” & “From the Inside Out”. “Happy Day” because people knew that one pretty well and “From the inside Out” because people really connect with that one.

All that good stuff said, we did have our fair share of troubles yesterday. One of the biggest troubles we had is with our bass player following along. He’s more of a technical player than a feel player if you know what I mean. He’s got good feel, but he definitely lands on the technical side of things. When using a chord chart he seems to have problems with repeats and what not. Aside from writing out music for him, I’m not sure how to help him out more. He works the music up on his own, probably more than most of the others on the team, except our guitarist, but for some reason, little changes seem to throw him for a loop.

Any of you have ideas on things I could do to help?

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