Weekend Review – 01-2324-10

This was another good weekend. We had our piano driven group on this weekend, and it’s always fun to switch from doing all the usual suspects to doing songs that lend themselves to piano in some way.

So, we did some Tommy Walker songs which are great for piano, we did a song I wrote and since I’m a piano guy, it’s a piano song. We did a couple of other songs that are normal contemporary songs too.

Here was our set:

  • Never Gonna Stop (Walker)
  • No Greater Love (Walker)
  • Scripture
  • I am Crowned (Lindner)
  • How Deep the Father’s Love for us.
  • Message
  • Amazing Love (I’ll never be the same – Hohnholtz)
  • Awesome is the Lord (Tomlin)

We used a click on three of the songs this weekend. The click beat us on Saturday evening, but we played with it well this morning. We even got the transition from “Never Gonna Stop” which we were doing at 92 bpm into “No Greater Love” which we did at 107 bpm.

Do you know any good piano driven worship bands or songs? Indie groups would be great too. As much as I love the Tommy Walker stuff, I’d much rather be moving our piano sounding group more in the direction of a “Keane,” “The Fray” or “Coldplay” kind of a sound.

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On another note, Kevin (the other guy behind Worship Ministry Catalyst) would appreciate your prayers this week as his wife is scheduled to deliver their baby on Monday or Tuesday.