Weekend Review – 01-0910-10

weekend-reviewThis weekend was kind of the weekend where we start settling back down into a routine that will carry us for the rest of the spring into the summer. Phil & Danielle – on of our volunteer couples who used to lead worship at another church – led this weekend. Which means I got to play keys this week only and nothing else. It’s always fun when I get to focus on playing an instrument and not having to think about everything.

Here was our set:

  • Love the Lord (Brewster)
  • You are Holy (Prince of Peace)
  • Scripture Reading (Eph. 2:11-22)
  • Here Am I (Mike Honholtz)
  • Still (Hillsongs)
  • Sermon
  • Rest In Your Peace (Mine)

It was fun to do a couple of these songs from a few years ago. Isn’t it amazing how quickly songs seem old now? It used to be that songs would last for decades, now they last a year. The really good ones still last.

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