Weekend Review – 11-2829-09 – Worship Confessional – Sunday Setlists

weekend-reviewAhh, the weekend after Thanksgiving. When people are out of town and the people who are there still have a Thanksgiving – too much turkey – hangover.

This weekend, our pastor was talking about the Holy Spirit, which is something we almost never talk about. And since we never talk about it, we also haven’t really introduced any songs in the past that are related to the Holy Spirit. So, unfortunately for some of the members of our band, we did 3 hymns that all talk about the spirit somewhere in the song.

Here was our Set:

  • Hallelujah (Your love is amazing)
  • A Mighty Fortress (My Arr.)
  • Glorious (Baloche)
  • Welcome
  • Eph. 1:11-14
  • Be Thou My Vision (My Arr. – with a bridge I wrote – Recording in the side bar to the right.)
  • Hungry
  • Sermon
  • Holy, Holy, Holy (SCC arr.)

We’re still in our BE series, but we kind of finished up a mini-series within the series on the trinity, so I thought it would be fitting to close the service by singing about the entire trinity, for which Holy, Holy, Holy was the perfict fit.

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