Weekend Review 11-0708-09

weekend-reviewThis was a great weekend! I didn’t do a review last weekend, but should have. We did a worship night, and it was great! We did a lot of music and people really worshiped. I’m really looking forward to the next one we do and the times of worship we will have. This weekend, we used the same band from that night and we did songs that we did at the worship night, so we had already worked on them quite a bit by the time we got to this weekend. Wouldn’t it be great if we could prepare that much for every weekend. I’m working on coming up with a way to do that, I’ll let you know about that in the future.

Here was our set for the weekend:

  • You are Holy (Prince of Peace)
  • Song of Hope (Heaven come down)
  • Run for the hungry presentation
  • Cannons (Phil Wickham)
  • Beautiful the Blood (Fee)
  • Sermon (New series “BE”)
  • I am crowned – (Mine – you can actually listen to a recording in the music player just to the right of this post)

It was great to do some of these songs with this band. Our lead guitarist for this weekend really worked the stuff up, had great tone and just nailed everything. Everyone in the group, really nailed everything this weekend!

It was a great weekend! Not a lot to critique. Of course there is stuff, we weren’t cd quality or anything, but it was a great weekend! For more reviews, check out Sunday Setlists at Fred’s Place!

I also wanted to let you know that Kevin & I have been doing a series of Podcasts on Paul Baloche’s book “God Songs.” If you have interest in writing songs for worship, check it out! We’d love to have some of you on the podcast via interview and to talk about some of the chapters. Just get in touch with us. You can join in the conversation by joining our network, filling out the contact form, or sending an email to david@worshipministrycatalyst.com or kevin@worshipministrycatalyst.com