Weekend Review – 10-25-09

weekend-reviewThis weekend was missions weekend for us. Some of you know exactly what that means. There may be others of you who have a more positive view of missions services at your church, but my experience thus far in ministry has not been extraordinarily positive. The speakers usually tend to speak longer than they are given, some much longer.  A lot of times, their speaking skills lag behind those who communicate regularly and the point of their messages is usually an update on what they’re doing in their ministry and nothing that really empowers the people to act.

That said, this weekend was quite a bit better than usual, at least in terms of the event itself. I really think our missions committee did a good job of putting on an event that drew people into the ministries we support as a church. As far as the communication from the stage goes, well, it still fit into my expectations. But, our people did stay and do quite a bit of sharing with the ministries who were represented, which was exactly the goal.

All that said, our worship team wasn’t quite up to snuff this weekend. We had our staff retreat this last week, which left me no time to confirm musicians and plan for this weekend until it was too late to do much about. Those musicians who did participate, did their best. But, we just didn’t have the time or the personnel to do something of excellence.

Here’s what we did this week:

  • All the Earth will Sing Your Praises
  • Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble
  • Missionary talk #1
  • Great in all the Earth
  • You Said
  • Missionary Talk #2
  • Hear Our Praises

Since I’ve only been here for a couple of years, I wasn’t sure about some of theses songs and if they had been done in the past here. I was pleased to hear from a couple of people that they had, so at least they weren’t brand new to everyone.

Our band was piano, bass & drums, and we had two altos on the team. When you look at it that way, it kind of feels like a team of whomever was willing to play – played. It was a challenge to pull some of the songs off like all the earth will sing your praises and did you feel. Well, actually all of them had their challenges without full instrumentation.

However, I feel like God used us to lead our congregation in worship, which is obviously the most important thing.

That was our weekend around here, you should also head over to Fred’s Place and check out what other’s did this weekend.