Weekend Review – 10-1011-09

weekend-reviewThis was a great weekend, however if you had asked me at 5:45 yesterday evening how last night’s service was going to go, I would have told you…”This could be bad.” For some reason our practice was just really rough, and we had a hard time getting through several of the songs. But then, when we did the service last night, almost all the songs went pretty well. And this morning, all the songs went really well. Who knows, sometimes we work hard at something and it goes bad, other times we think we’re going to fail and God steps in and fixes it all.

Here was our Set:

  • Meet Us Here (Mike Honholtz)
  • The Stand
  • Communion Prep talk
  • Beautiful the Blood
  • Take the elements
  • Holy, Holy, Holy (SCC Arr.)
  • Revelation Song (Riddle)

For some reason, I just wasn’t real enamored with “The stand” this week. That could be because we didn’t have an electric to really help drive the song, but whatever it was, it just didn’t seem to be flowing and growing.

I did absolutely love doing Beautiful the Blood and Revelation Song. Those are definitely two of my favorites right now. We had to cancel our mid-week practice this week, because no one coule be there, but we really needed it. Someone needs to come up with an online way to rehearse people, where people can go to reheasal when they have time to, and not at the one time when we have practice scheduled. Does anyone have a good way of getting all the arrangment notes onto a chart or do you make up inidividual charts for each part. The charts I make up are pretty clear and they work fine when we have rehearsal, but when we don’t have enough time for rehearsal, I’d like to have a chart that people could rely on.

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