Weekend Review – 06-0607-09

This was one of those weekends. You know the really good ones? We just had all of our ducks in a row, we had our A game on and it was good. Our Senior pastor, who’s a musician, actually thought it was a CD when he was hearing us from his office.

So, this weekend we had all of our 1st stringers on the docket and it makes all the difference in the world. I could trust the drummer and rest in his groove, I could work around the electric guitarist, figure out my stuff and know that it wouldn’t change in the middle of the worship service. Our Acoustic player was rock solid, holding the rhythm extremely well, and doing some other really nice and tasteful stuff, and our bass player was solid, picking up the groove with the drummer really well. We had to vocalists who led, so I could just focus on keys. It was great.

We had a few glitches at the Saturday evening service, but we got them all ironed out before our Sunday morning service. For instance, the opening prayer happened before the first song instead of after it, which made the start of the song that was supposed to be after a prayer, but was after a song pretty rough. That kind of threw the band for a loop.

Here was our set:

  • Salvation is here
  • Opening Prayer
  • Let God Arise
  • Endlessly
  • Communion
  • Nothing but the blood
  • Sermon
  • How can I keep from singing?

I may throw some recordings up here for you to listen to. It may not be as good as your group, but we felt pretty successful this weekend. I have to confess, I stacked the deck this weekend. I did everything I could to make sure that we had all of our A players playing together this weekend. I had several motivations, but it really paid off. I think it was good for our musicians (on stand and off) to hear a really good sound coming from a group of people we all know, not a group that we bring in from the outside. If you’ve never stacked the deck on a weekend, I’d highly recommend it. It pays off immediately and long-term.

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