Weekend Review – 01-2425-09

It’s been awhile. The last time I did this was Dec 13 & 14, over a month. I took a break from blogging and what not during the busy time of getting ready for Christmas and then on vacation, so now I’m finally getting back into the swing of things.

This weekend we had one of our volunteer worship leaders lead and she did a great job. I’m happy to have her leading and starting to do it more often. I’m really looking forward to the way she will develop in the future. She has a ton of potential.

Here was our set:

  • Mighty to Save
  • Unchanging
  • Prayer for Missions
  • Beautiful the Blood (Fee)
  • Enough
  • Message
  • Rescue

I’m really digging Beautiful the blood. I really like a lot of the stuff that Steve has on that Album and plan on implementing a lot of it over the next couple of months.

I was off keys and on Acoustic this weekend, we had Ian on keys, James on Electric, Nik on Bass & Russ on Drums. Erin was the lead vocal & Jeanette sang alto. With me on acoustic, and a couple of other really new people on the team this weekend there was quite a bit of potential for things to go badly, but they actually went really well. We struggled with tempo on the Pre of “Beautiful the Blood” and the outro where we were all really hitting every beat and driving it really hard.

I’m not sure yet if I like playing acoustic, to be honest. It’s fun, however I don’t feel like I’m adding anything. And I don’t mean this in a poor me kind of a way. What I mean is that as the worship leader or band leader, I feel like I need to be strong on the instrument I’m using to lead and not be a hindrance. I’m also a “maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses” kind of a guy, so I’d rather keep working at becoming a really good piano guy than work really hard to become a decent acoustic guy. It also kind of feels like peer pressure from the contemporary Christian music world. Everyone else is doing it, ergo so should I.

Anyway, enough about me (I’m out of coffee anyway). Go checkout what some other worship leaders did this weekend.