Worship Minsitry Catalyst Podcast – Episode 0009.5 – A Resource and encouragement

You might be wondering why this week’s episode is only episode 9.5. Well, like I explain in the podcast, I accidentally deleted the podcasts that Kevin & I recorded today, and they are unrecoverable. So, I had to record an episode with just me talking, so it’s only equal to half an episode.

Since it was just me talking, I decided to share a resource that I use very frequently in worship ministry – planning center online. It’s a great resource I’ve been using for some time now. I talk about it quite a bit in this episode.

I also talk about where you go for encouragement. All of us go through times when we need someone to encourage us – the worship world is crashing in on us fast, and we need to have a place we can go. Of course our first place to run is to God and to rest in him and the promises he has made us, but beyond that where do we go?

If you have a resource that you use extensively in your worship ministry, please post a comment on this podcast post. Or if you have some information you’d like to share on how you stay encouraged in the worship ministry, we would love to hear that as well.