Weekend Review

I’m thinking back on this weekend. It wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t grand. I made a mistake in picking two songs that the congregation didn’t know. Especially when we only did four in the whole service. The songs fit so perfectly with what Bob was preaching about, that I just couldn’t resist using them.

I had to ask myself a question though. Even if the songs were perfect for the sermon, did they add to worship or take away from it since people didn’t know them? Were people sitting in the congregation trying to figure out the song, and as a result were more focused on that than they were on worshiping Jesus? I hope not, but I fear that this is probably what happened.

What made the weekend weirder was that we only had myself on the keys, Alan on bass and Erin as a female vox. So, it was weird instrumentation also. So add that to the new songs, I’m not sure that this weekend was a very big success.

I’d give myself a C+ for the weekend. Largely because there was a redeeming song at the end. The song was absolutely perfect to close the service with, and people really responded to God in worship as a result. So, even though the majority of the worship this weekend may have been a let down to many, there was a redeeming note that people left on.