David’s Weekend Review

This last weekend was a pretty good weekend. The set up for the weekend was hectic, (I wouldn’t recommend starting a new series, the day after a wedding) but once we got past that, the actual service was great. The “worship” time might have been perceived as short by some (only 20 minutes) but the entire service had a great flow to it. I tend to think that it’s best to start a new series with high energy, and a low time commitment. In other words, you want to start with lots of upbeat music and videos and what not, and keep the time to a minimum. I think this helps get the momentum going for the series and keeps it going in the right direction.

We did a new song – new to our church anyway – Majestic by Lincoln Brewster. The Worship Choir will be leading this song in a couple of weeks, so I wanted to introduce it to the congregation now. We also did, a song I wrote – Rest in your Peace, Jesus Lead On & Rescue (which is a phenomenal song!)

We also did some creative things. We decorated the stage to look like a beach/pier – and it looks pretty good – Pastor Bill did a great job with that. We had someone make a lifeguard chair, Bill bought some fence posts to make the pier and borrowed some other rope and boat garb to put around the stage. I made a couple of transitional scripture videos to go between songs. 30 seconds long, and they just introduced the key scripture to the congregation prior to hearing it from our senior pastor. We played several ocean clips amongst our announcement loop prior to the service, and at 4 1/2 minutes before the service started, we played a song from the pirates of Caribbean soundtrack. I did a bumper video based on our Senior pastor’s Keynote (powerpoint) presentation – it was 2 1/2 minutes long, set to another pirates track.

Overall, from what I heard people left the service knowing what the theme was, and having been completely engaged. We ended the service with “I will offer up My life.”

The series is called Revolution, and it’s about Jonah. This week’s message was focused on choosing to obey God all the time and not viewing some of the things he asks us to do as suggestions like Jonah did. I really feel like the entire service worked well together, and all in all it was a great weekend.