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We aim to encourage, equip, and celebrate believers using their gifts creatively to support the worship and mission of the local church.

Our Purpose | We are not trying to sell you something…

Our deep thought: If we create something beautiful in the midst of something broken, the world may first notice the beauty, but they will stay to meet the need.

The purpose of all of God’s work in the character of his people, and through the creativity of those in his body, the church, is not ultimately to point to itself. It should testify to the truth of who God is, and it should practically endeavor to meet the needs of the orphan, the widow and the fatherless in mind, body and spirit.

We want to think, be, do, and make beautiful things, but for the sole purpose of serving the least of these. Our purpose, includes our mission and merely finishes its intent:

Our purpose is to cultivate and curate projects locally and globally that capture the unique “heart response” of people groups all over the world, and to meet the real and felt needs of the fatherless, the orphan and the widow. To do this we encourage, equip, and celebrate believers using their gifts creatively to support the worship and mission of the local church

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We know there are things that you do better than us, and we want to learn from you, join you, and support you. We want to see your creativity and uniqueness bless the church in worship and mission both locally and globally.

We certainly don’t think we have everything figured out. If you talk to us, you’ll find out that we have a lot to learn, but we want to share with you what we know and what we’re learning. A few of the main ways we’ll do this is through Our Podcasts, Our Posts, and through Our Projects.

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Author: David Lindner

After being a worship pastor for 14 years, I have now stepped into a Lead Pastor role. I've learned a lot, still have a lot to learn and invite you to teach me and if I can I'll share what I know with you! I’m also married to my lovely wonderful wife Bekki & we have 4 kids, Hannah, Henry, Harry & Harper. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @thedavidlindner.

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