Freebie #26-Harrison Hollingsworth: Calling & Commissioning Artists
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No Treble – A Site for Bassists

You may have seen my post yesterday about echoes, and in that post I mentioned that those two articles were written by Evan Kepner of No Treble. Well, I had to do a separate post about this site, because it’s worth your time. It would be a great resource to pass on to the bass players in your worship bands. It would also be a great way for us to learn more about bass so we can help instruct our players a little more....

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Ear Training Articles

There’s a good chance, that if you’ve been involved in music much for the last few years, you’ve probably gotten some sort of catalog from Disc Makers. I know I’ve gotten a ton of them, and they’re always fun to look at. While they do want to sell you on their services, the also do a lot of helpful things for us musicians. One of those things is the writing and collecting of good articles for musicians...

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