WMC-0158 – What To Do When People Walk Away From The Church

What To Do When People Walk Away From The Church


We live in a time where it is becoming more and more likely that people are leaving our churches. Not all churches, but a lot of them. Chances are, you know someone(s) who has left the church behind. Maybe they were wounded. Maybe they weren’t. Maybe they’re being selfish. Maybe they’re just tired. Maybe They’re burnt out. Who knows.

The question is, what do we do? how do we handle that when it happens to us?

 Why don’t you chime in?

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Author: David Lindner

After being a worship pastor for 14 years, I have now stepped into a Lead Pastor role. I've learned a lot, still have a lot to learn and invite you to teach me and if I can I'll share what I know with you! I’m also married to my lovely wonderful wife Bekki & we have 4 kids, Hannah, Henry, Harry & Harper. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @thedavidlindner.

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