WMC-0148 – The Creation Emancipation

The Creation Emancipation

We are made in God’s image, but what does that mean? And what are the implications for the church and our worship ministries? In this episode of the podcast, David and Kevin talk about the new eBook, “The Creation Emancipation” that David is releasing at no cost. Ever.

In the Book, David talks about the unique voice that each church has to speak the language of the culture they have been placed in. In today’s podcast we dig into that idea, along with some of the other ideas that lead the church to be the creative force it should be! Listen in.

Don’t take my word for it:

“The Creation Emancipation is a reminder to the Church of our responsibility to steward creativity. And while a reminder is great, David gives us a practical guide to build our personal creativity, team, and relationship with our senior pastor. To take your creative team to the next rung, this is a book you want to read.”

Stephen Brewster
Creative Arts Pastor
Cross Point Church
Nashville, TN

“Oftentimes when it comes to free content, you get what you pay for.  But the The Creation Emancipation by David Lindner is a unique and wonderful exception.  Lindner brings to bear his experience as an artist in multiple mediums (photography, music, broadcasting, etc.) and balances it with his roles in church leadership (worship leader, pastor).  His unique and broad perspective results in a call to the Church to revive and reclaim it’s historical mantle of creative excellence.

Lindner provides the substance to effectively deliver the message and yet still keeps it approachable in style and brevity.  If your congregation needs an artistic wake-up call, grab The Creation Emancipation and get back on the path of creative excellence in the name of our Savior.”

Joe Brookhouse

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The Creation Emancipation eBook (PDF)

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