Chris Tomlin, Love Ran Red – Review and Giveaway!

CT-LRRMy feelings about Chris Tomlin have a fairly wide variation.  I realize that I am often in the minority in worship circles, nevertheless, I will once again offer my opinions about the latest Chris Tomlin album, arriving soon at a church near you.

I will say that I was pleasantly surprised to find a little more variation in approach on this album. There are some typical formulaic approaches to some of the songs, but it was better than others.

That said, I am going to base my review on what I feel will best benefit your worship ministry. There are a lot of tracks on this Deluxe Edition, including 3 bonus tracks. With the plethora of Worship Music, you don’t need to be told that you should be singing every song on this album.

Instead, I will tell you, in my opinion, the songs that I think would benefit the church today. I’ll try to hold my personal opinions that affect only me out of this review. No promises though.

There are three, maybe four songs that I think could benefit your church and any church. Those are At the Cross, Almighty, Let It Be Jesus, and maybe psalm 100.

Let me start with the maybe. Psalm 100 is scripturally based, which of course is a good thing. There is a bit of a challenge, in that it has a significant synth part, and that might be hard for the average church band to pull off. The content is good, just be sure you have the necessary expertise to pull this one off.

The title track At The Cross is a great song. It’s always great to focus our bodies on the work Jesus did for us on the Cross. This song is good because it has the potential to appeal to some of the older members of your community who would have sung the Hymn, at the Cross. While it’s not that song, it will remind people of it.

Let it Be, one of the bonus tracks is another great, scripturally based song. “For me to live is Christ.” – Phil. 1:21. It also happens to be my life verse, so I’m a little biased.

But the true gem of this album is Almighty. The reason I think this is such a great song is that it is not just available to most worship bands, but the content is rich. It’s not fluff. There is some significant depth to the lyrics that is worth pointing out. There are some theological ideas that are much deeper than the simple ideas in many other worship tunes.

In my opinion, this is the track that wins the day for this album. Make sure to get you copy and add it to your church’s repertoire.

Make sure to enter for you chance to win a copy of the Deluxe Edition!

Full Track List

  1. Greater
  2. Waterfall
  3. At the Cross (Love Ran Red)
  4. Jesus Loves Me
  5. Boundary Lines
  6. Almighty
  7. The Roar
  8. Fear Not
  9. The Table
  10. Psalm 100
  11. I Will Boast
  12. Jesus, This is You
  13. In The End
  14. Waterfall (Tritonal Remix)
  15. At the Cross (Love Ran Red) (Acoustic)
  16. Let it Be Jesus (Acoustic)

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