Focus – A communion Idea – A set of High Resolution Images

This is an idea I used for communion a while ago, it would also work for a worship starter or sermon illustration…

As we think about communion, the point is to remember. We need to remember what Jesus did for us on the Cross. It’s an amazing story and an amazing sacrifice. Without the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, we have nothing. The cross must be central to our churches, our worship and our communion.

However, that’s not always the case. There are times when communion becomes an after thought. And I’m among the ranks of those who have allowed it to become routine from time to time. God forgive me for my lack of thankfulness.

Just as communion can become an afterthought in our services, the cross can become an afterthought in our personal lives.

That’s what this communion illustration is all about. When we need to be focused on the cross, it’s a good time to evaluate if our lives have been focused on the cross or other things.

To use this illustration, simply walk through the pictures and talk about how the images represent things in our lives that can steal our focus, causing the cross to fade into the background.

Then, point to the fact that just as the cross must be central in our lives, the cross must be central in our worship.

And then, remember.


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