Going Social

Worship Ministry Catalyst is going social! And no, there are no political implications in that title. (I also realize that we’re a little behind the times in getting this taken care of, but hey, better late than never…)

For a while, I’ve been trying to use my twitter account to get to know some of you on twitter. Which is actually working quite well. It’s been amazing to just get to know a little about a few of you through it. However, I’ve wondered if my twitter username (@lindnerphoto) may have been a hang-up of at the least confusing for some.

So, now, we have a twitter account specifically for Worship Ministry Catalyst where I will be sending tweets about the blog/podcast and trying to build community among us there! So, here ya go, our username is: @wmcatalyst. We’d love to connect with you over there!

You can also connect with us on facebook. We set up a page for you to “like” over there, and also where we can have some discussions. Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Worship-Ministry-Catalyst/142395799134634.

Of course, we’d love for you to “like” us. But beyond that, we’d love even more to get to know you, chat with you and just be able to share in the journey with you.

So, hope to connect with you soon!

Author: David Lindner

After being a worship pastor for 14 years, I have now stepped into a Lead Pastor role. I've learned a lot, still have a lot to learn and invite you to teach me and if I can I'll share what I know with you! I’m also married to my lovely wonderful wife Bekki & we have 4 kids, Hannah, Henry, Harry & Harper. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @thedavidlindner.

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