Weekend Review 05-0203-09

This weekend was my first attempt at going in a piano driven direction with a band. We still have a full band, rhythm electric, acoustic, bass & drums, and I played piano and keys. Instead of just trying to get by with what we had, I decided to put together a band where we could drive the band with acoustic instead of being stuck in the electric contemporary rut.

Here was our set:

  • Rest In Your Peace (An original of mine)
  • Center (Charlie Hall)
  • Prayer
  • Hungry
  • Communion
  • Jesus Paid it All
  • Sermon
  • Breathe

Rest in your peace (since I wrote it) is naturally a piano drive song, on Center I started with synth, the acoustic came in and carries the verses, then I really drove the chorus, play 5ths in an eighth note pattern. Hungry is also another naturally piano driven song, and the hook on Jesus Paid it all is a really easy hook to pull off on Piano.

I think it’s actually a really good style to work harder on for this group. I also think it’s good to set a style that you want the band to fit into. I can’t imagine that all the people in our congregation like the same style of music, and that they want to listen to it all the time, so why should we try to have the same style every weekend?

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