Worship Ministry Catalyst Podcast – Episode 0031 – Acoustic Guitar Workshop – Part 1 (of 2)

In this week’s episode, David and Kevin are joined the the venerable John Ross. John is an Associate pastor at Pearl Church, in the Pearl District in Downtown Portland, OR.

In this first part of a two part series, John covers some of the basics of the Acoustic guitar. It’s not only insightful for those of you who are aspiring to be guitarists, but it is insightful for worship leaders who are wanting to know how to talk guitar.

John’s original background is as a church musician – he’s led worship for a number of churches and currently works for Pearl Church in downtown Portland. Along the way, he’s played at coffee shops, pubs, churches, and amphitheaters; making music and practicing production. John spent 3 years running a recording studio on the side, producing and mixing records for clients.

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