Weekend Review – 04-1112-09 – Easter

As I’m sitting here waiting for our Easter dinner (Sorry if you’re kosher, but Mmmm Ham!), I thought I’d stop and do a quick review of the weekend. In Short, it Was AWESOME!!!  I’m sure (I hope) you felt the same way about your weekend, and since it was Easter I hope that’s the case.

We had it all going this weekend, and we got er done. Full worship band, choir, videos, lights, continuity from beginning to end, it was great. It’s got me thinking about things we can do year round that will help us come closer to achieving this caliber of service more often.

Here was what we did:

  • “Worthy to be Praised” – soulful choir number by Bryon J. Smith
  • Mighty to Save
  • Alive, Forever. Amen!”
  • “Our Hope” video from worshiphousemedia.com
  • Bob’s story of hope (Our Senior pastor’s testimony)
  • God of Wonders
  • Welcome
  • Town Hall for Hope (Promo video we used to promo the “Life, Money, Hope.” Series we’re starting next week.)
  • Dismiss kids & Fellowship
  • Sermon Part 2
  • Video on Sin (About a Police officer in our church)
  • Resuce
  • All Because of Jesus
  • Sermon Part Three
  • Video about the same police officer and his wife adopting their son.
  • Sermon part four
  • Prayer
  • Video about woman in our church who discovered our church was a safe place to ask questions
  • “Starting Over” Robbie Seay Band.

If I had it to do over, I’d probably cut “Mighty to save” and find another upbeat, resurrection song to put in its place. “Alive Forever Amen” worked great, but “Mighty to save” seemed like kind of a downer after our opener. We did a good transition though, on the final beat of “Mighty to Save” we started the guitar intro of “Alive Forever Amen” and it worked really well.

We also did pretty much the same kind of a transition between “Rescue” and “All Because of Jesus.” I ended the song on keys and started “All Because Of Jesus” with a “loopy” patch on the Motif XS8. So, I faded out of the synth patch from “Rescue” after I started “All Because of Jesus.”

We did a cool Arr. of “God of Wonders” that the band Kevin was in – forgivenmuch – did. It’s a pretty cool, and yet simple arr. of the song, I’ll check into putting it up on here.

“Starting Over” went really well too, but doing it at the end of the service was a challenge because our vocalists voice had gotten cold, and the song requires a fair amount of vocal stamina.

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