Weekend Review – 04-0405-09

This weekend we had a guest band leading worship for us. The Neverclaim is a band whose electric guitarist goes to our church, so they’re still somewhat connected here. It was great for a bunch of different reasons.

1.) It gave me a chance to work side by side with one of our sound techs on getting the sound that I’m looking for, so he got to experience first-hand and side by side what I’m looking for.

2.) It gave me a chance to go around and listen to and look at all the gear in use to make sure it’s working correctly. (Which I found out that our fill speakers don’t seem to be working quite right – something I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t have the chance to listen.)

3.) We got to expose the congregation to really good worship. Since they’re a band that does a lot of gigs, they have a few worship songs that they do and do them really well. They all know what their role is in the band and they stick to it and do it really well.

4.) We got to expose our musicians to a really good group that they can gain inspiration from. It’s important to give our musicians tangible inspiration that will drive them to work harder at perfecting their craft.

5.) It gave me a chance to learn a few things from their worship leader as well as to see what does and doesn’t work with our congregation. As I would expect, their vocal leader in the group has a very vibrant stage personality. I got to see how our congregation responded to his leading.

6.) It gave me the time I would have been preparing for this weekend to put into preparing for Easter.

Here was their Set:

  • A Place to Start (Band Original)
  • Your Grace is Enough
  • Everlasting God
  • Your Love Oh Lord
  • Wash over Me (Band Original)
  • Sermon
  • Song of Hope (Robbie Seay Band)

They used a lot of loops in their music, and I got to talk to the guy who does them a lot about the process he goes through in creating the loops. It has been great to get to know a little more about the process, as it is something I’ve been interested in doing for a while.

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