Kevin’s Weekend Review: 4-26-09

Oh man… it has been a rough couple of weeks.  I was miserable and sick almost all of last week (which is why my Weekend Review post was noticeable absent last Sunday).  Today has been the first day that I’ve had the time to sit down and write this out… I’ve been so busy catching up with everything from last week.

Have you ever had that happen?  Where you are frantically trying to get caught up, but in the process other things fall behind?  I hate that.  I hate not being organized and in control; it drives me crazy!  So last week was a great reminder that I’m not always going to be in control AND IT’S OKAY!

I can barely remember what I did two Sundays ago; it was a miracle that I made it through the morning.  Luckily, I had one of my guitarists do most of the leading and singing.  It was her first time stepping up like this and she did great.  And next week I’ll be gone at a Men’s Retreat and am having my number two do the whole service.  Her and I have been planning this service for a while now and I’m excited to hear how it goes.

In the meantime, here’s what we did on Sunday:

  • He is Exalted (classic Twila Paris)
  • You’re Worthy of My Praise (David Ruis)
  • Lord Most High (Can’t remember who wrote it; it’s an older Vineyard tune in 6/8; our people LOVE this song!)
  • God of Wonders (another classic)
  • Majesty (Done just like the Passion cover off the CD, “How Great is Our God”)
  • Mission Focus: Bob DeViney testimony (a guy from our church has been serving in Baja Mexico for 3 months!)
  • Pastoral Prayer / Offering
  • Instrumental w/Scripture (Mark 11:22-26)
  • Message: “Ya Gotta Have Faith” (Hebrews 11:1-6)
  • I Exalt Thee(oldie goldie)

We did a lot of classic songs this week; some of them were older… some of them were REALLY older!  In all, it was a great week and I sure felt a whole lot better health wise then the week before.  If you want to see what other worship leaders are doing with music, go over to Fred McKinnon’s blog and check out more Sunday Setlists.  God bless!


Author: Kevin Kruse

Kevin is the Worship Pastor at Laurelwood Baptist Church. He attended Multnomah Bible College where he met his wife, Melanie. Together, they live in Vancouver, WA with their two daughters (Callie and Hailey), two cats (Bailey and Daisy), and their dog Lucy.

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