Worship Ministry Catalyst Podcast – Episode 0029 – Technological Recontextualization

Os Guinness said in his book Prophetic Untimeliness, “After two hundred years of earnest dedication to reinventing the faith and the church and to being more relevant in the world, we are confronted with an embarrassing fact: Never have Christians pursued relevance more strenuously; never have Christians been more irrelevant.”

In this week’s episode, David and Kevin breach the topic of “Technological Recontextualizaion” that was brought up at the Recent CB Northwest Conference by Senior Pastor Scott Reavely of New Life Church (formerly known as West Linn First Baptist)

We don’t get very far down this road, but it’s definitely a road worth traveling down. I’m sure this is a topic that will come up again and again as we continue to think about how we do Worship Ministry in the Local Church.

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