Weekend Review – 03-2829-09

Let me start by saying thanks to those of you who have been praying for my wife & I after the loss of our baby last week. It’s been so much more difficult than I could have ever imagined, but we’re starting to do a little better.

This weekend was my “keys” band weekend. I had another guy play the piano (he’s 15 and has perfect pitch – a great asset!) while I played keys. It actually kind of worked. We might have sounded a little 80’sish, but I think it was okay. We did Steve Fee’s “All Because of Jesus” and Ryan Egan’s “I am Free” with synth patch that sounded kind of like a loop (we didn’t have an electric to do the U2 delay kind of stuff that both of those songs have, so I did it on the keyboard.)

So, I’m trying to develop different bands. I was working towards developing a bunch of bands that basically all played the same style. I was continually frustrated because I didn’t have all the people we needed for every position of each band. But now, instead of trying to come up with 4 lead electric players, I only need 1 or two, and we’ll do lead piano or lead synth the other weeks, and who knows what other styles I might try. Suggestions anyone?

Here was our Set:

  • All Because of Jesus (Fee – kind of)
  • I am Free (Desperation band arr. – kind of)
  • Welcome
  • ‘Tis so Sweet to trust in Jesus (My Arr.)
  • John 3:16
  • “Sick” video (From Worship House Media)
  • 1 John 4:9
  • I’ll go where you want me to Go (Hymn – My Arr.)
  • Rescue
  • Sermon
  • Amazing Love (I’ll never be the same) Mike Honholtz.

I was going to change the closing song, but talked with a couple of people who said I shouldn’t. Our former worship pastor used to play keys with Mike Honholtz, and I get the impression that a lot of Mike’s songs have been beaten into the ground here. It’s a great song, though, you should check it out.

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