Weekend Review – 10-1819-08

This weekend we had one of our newer drummers playing with us. This was his third time playing with us over all. He’s really working hard at what he’s doing and I can tell that he’s really driven to do the very best he can. I find that I have to evaluate the weekend in a different light when we have someone like him on the team. He’s got a great heart and a great attitude, and feels really privileged to have the opportunity to play, however, he’s not quite at the same level as our other drummers. Granted, he’s probably better than the drummers a lot of worship leaders play with, but is still growing and learning a lot. Of course, I asked my wife what she thought about the music and she didn’t perceive any real difference.

For me the wins were that he had obviously worked up the music before hand, he was excited to be there, and he took direction really well. Areas for improvement would be in terms of remembering some of the adjustments we made on what he was playing in the rehearsal. He took the direction really well, but then seemed to forget what it was we had said we were going to change. I chalk that up the hugeness of having to learn the songs and being nervous about messing up. So, getting him to write it down or something. The third would be tempo. In weeks past, when he’s played, he’s done a tremendous job at keeping the tempo steady. It wasn’t quite as good this week. So, that will definitely be an area for improvement.

The rest of the band was smaller this week too, Bass, Acoustic & Keys. It was fairly dialed down by comparison to previous weekends. Largely because I was trying to pick songs that would be carried well with the instrumentation we had.

We did:

  • Awesome is the Lord (Tomlin)
  • How Can I Keep From Singing (Tomlin)
  • Welcome
  • Baptisms
  • Beautiful Savior (Hughes)
  • Give It All Away (Schust)
  • Sermon
  • Surrender (Brewster)

Our transitions were good, and the flow of the entire service was actually really good. Part of the issue I’m feeling with last night is probably my own problem. I know there are other musicians out in the audience who are listening with a critical ear, so I’m sure they’re hearing all the issues I’m feeling. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. And I know that’s not what my focus should be, but it is at times. Part of it is, I don’t want to be a distraction to people, and I don’t want there to be anything about the music that takes people out of the mind of worship, and I fear some of these things might whether they’re aware of exactly what they are or not.

Regardless it was a good weekend. Room for improvement, but it was good. I know God is at work in all of our lives and as long as we’re pursuing him in our worship endeavors he will guide us and help us prepare and grow in the ways we need to to be able to help his people worship.

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