Weekend Review – 10-0405-08; 10-1112-08


I missed last weekend due to a staff retreat, and to be honest I’d much rather review it than this most recent weekend. Last weekend was the final weekend in our Church 1.0 series. It was a great weekend, from beginning to end. To start it off, we had the fullest band I’ve had since I’ve been working here. We had a six piece band – which for some may not seem huge, but for us it was. On top of that, we had several in the band who are committed to doing excellent music. They had gotten together without me during the week to work on the songs so they’d be ready for the weekend. That’s a worship leaders dream!

I also had one of our up and coming worship leaders lead the majority of the songs that weekend. He did a phenomenal job. He did great vocally, and really started to come out of his shell in terms of being a worship leader. He was engaging the congregation instead of just singing in their general direction. It was great.

Here was our set:

  • I Will Boast (Paul Baloche)
  • I Am Free (New Life Church – Global Worship Now)
  • Welcome/2 services announcement
  • My Savior My God (Aaron Schust)
  • Here Am I (Mike Honholtz Band)
  • Message
  • Wherever He Leads (Hymn with my Music)
  • My Faith Has Found a Resting Place

We had a great response. As you can see in our graphic below, stained glass was a big part of our visual theme for this series. So, our creative team came up with the idea to have people sign a piece of stained glass to represent their commitment to our body. (Actually the idea was to have them etch their name into a piece of glass but we figured that wouldn’t be very feasible for a couple of hundred people to do in one service. So we went with plexiglass.) We used the old window frames we had at the church from helping remodel one of our members houses. We put the glass in and used fake leading from a craft store to make the lines. Then we had people sign a section of the window, and as they are filling in, we’re having someone come in and paint in the sections that have someone’s name in it. It’s really cool to look at. I’ll have to put a picture up here.


This week was much different. Our Senior Pastor is on vacation, and we are having missions weekend. The musical portion of the service was pretty good. I’m actually really pleased with it. We didn’t have as full of a band as we did last week, but it’s been really great. We have a husband and wife who are on the team this week who have a tremendous background in music as well as an tremendous heart for worship. They’re dynamic. However, there was a huge disconnect between our time of worship and the rest of the service. Without getting super critical, let’s just say it this is one weekend I hope we didn’t have any visitors.

Here was our set:

  • All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises (Travis Cotrell)
  • Lord I Lift Your Name on High (Lincoln Brewster)
  • Welcome
  • Shout To The North (passion)
  • God of Wonders (Passion)
  • Message
  • You Said (Hillsong)

Like I said, it could have been better, in terms of the entire service. However, I feel like our worship team had another stellar Sunday, and that we’re continuing to build momentum. I guess I just have to not worry about things that I don’t have any control over. It hasn’t worked yet, but I can try.

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