Weekend Review 09-2021-08 – Connections Weekend

This was a great weekend! We had a full band of some of our most skilled musicians in the band this weekend, and it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes. I understand that a big part of my job is training up new musicians, but working with trained musicians is a completely different experience. We had our usual practice on Sat. Afternoon that was an hour and a half long. Usually, we’re fighting to just get through each song once, helping everyone get their parts down. This weekend, we started on time – which was a amazing in and of itself – we working through the songs quickly, did transitions, then played the whole set 4 times. It was amazing, and it really paid off. There were almost no mistakes in the service.

Here was our set:

  • Let God Arise
  • Because of your love
  • Welcome/Ann.
  • You Never Let Go
  • Groups Video
  • Fellowship
  • Sermon
  • I Surrender All

I did the closing song by myself as usual, and did verse 1 and 2 together, chorus, then 3 and 4 together. It kind of helped it not feel like such a traditional song, without pepping it up.

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Author: David Lindner

After being a worship pastor for 14 years, I have now stepped into a Lead Pastor role. I've learned a lot, still have a lot to learn and invite you to teach me and if I can I'll share what I know with you! I’m also married to my lovely wonderful wife Bekki & we have 4 kids, Hannah, Henry, Harry & Harper. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @thedavidlindner.

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