Weekend Review 07-2627-08

Yeah, I know this is very late, but at least I’m doing it. We’ve actually already done our review of the weekend on Tuesday morning in our worship planning meeting, I’ve just not had time to be able to write it down here yet.

I put in a couple of retro songs this weekend. One of them, that everyone seemed to know, and the other one, everyone seemed to know the chorus only. This was our set:

  • Your Love Oh Lord
  • Here Am I – Mike Honholtz
  • Welcome
  • Youth Camp Presentation
  • Enough
  • Hungry
  • Message
  • Hosanna

The songs that worked well were “Here am I,” “Enough” & “Hosanna.” Your love… worked pretty well, it worked better on Sunday morning than it did on Saturday evening. It was a song the church had done in the past – before I got here – so I figured they would still remember it, but apparently I was wrong. Hungry was the same way, they might have done it back in past a few years ago, and maybe some people new it from the radio, but for the most part people didn’t really sing on the verses.

The youth camp presentation was cool. This was a great approach for fund raising. What Mathias did was instead of asking for money before camp, asking people to give in the hopes their gifts will ambiguously change lives, he waited until after camp and brought some kids up whose lives had been changed and asked people to give money towards paying for it or to come to a car wash.

We’re still in the summer slump. We’ve got a drummer who’s going to start helping us out in August – which I’m looking forward to very much. We’ve got a lot of work to do in the area of building bands and ownership. I’ve really been thinking about how to do this, so if you’ve got ideas feel free to let me know.

That was the weekend.