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Worship Ministry Catalyst Podcast – 0127 – A Different World

A Different World… In this episode of the podcast, we talk about doing worship ministry in a world that is constantly changing. It’s a challenge to adapt to culture, especially with the pace at which it is changing. So, what do we do? Why don’t you chime...

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Worship Ministry Catalyst Podcast – 0126 – We’re really Back This Time!

FINALLY! After months and months of waiting, countless commutes and veritable unquestionable irritation caused by the lack of new WMC episodes, we are now back on the air! I know you’ve adapted to a new lifestyle without us, but we’re here to let you know we’re back and we’re going to force our way back...

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WMC – 0125 – WE ARE BACK BABY!!!

Jul 15, 13 WMC – 0125 – WE ARE BACK BABY!!!

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I bet you thought you had finally gotten rid of us didn’t you? Didn’t you?!?! Well, WE’RE BACK!!!! Why don’t you chime in? TWITTER: @wmcatalyst FACEBOOK: VOICEMAIL: 360 818 –...

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David Crowder – All This For A King – Giveaway

May 22, 13 David Crowder – All This For A King – Giveaway

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If you didn’t read the review of the album, you might want to go check that out. If you’re worried that this is just a way to make more money off of David Crowder now that he’s done, I want you to know that there is a new song on there that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Besides, even if you have all the...

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David Crowder – All This For A King – Essential Collection

The worship world was devastated when David Crowder let us all know that this would be the last album. But there is good news, he is not completely done. Today the “Essential Collection” is being released, which you can purchase on iTunes. Of course, on this album, you have all the favorites that many of us know and...

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We’re still around! (And a giveaway…)

May 20, 13 We’re still around! (And a giveaway…)

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We haven’t been super active online in a few months. And I wanted to let you know why. First, we want to let you know that we’re still around! You can’t get away from us that easily! Second, there is a reason for the break. I (David) took a position at a church as a Lead Pastor as well as Worship. I started just...

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Acts 2 to U2 – What is the Purpose of the Church and How Do We Get Back?

(Yes I realize U2 isn’t the chart-topping machine they used to be, but I like the alliteration and what not…) In episode 0124 of the podcast, we talked about the purpose of the church and how it affects our worship ministry. I wanted to follow up that episode in hopes to get some conversation going about how we should...

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